24 Jan
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Assalamualaikum guys…

Pojie just received an email from a friend of mine (thanks Ijad) recently about to help the Palestianian by voting thru a website. Pojie xberapa pasti adakah cara ini berkesan utk membantu saudara² kita yg dalam kesusahan sekarang, tapi yg pasti ini juga merupakan usaha utk kita membantu mereka. This should be disseminate to all our friends and brothers out there…

Stop killing Palestinian!
Stop killing people!
Stop being animal!
Save our world from cruelty!

To those who got the internet access. Kindly please do something.

– Save The World –

HURRY UP!!! BEFORE THE TIME PASS we Muslim at least could do this???

A vote in CNN asking,

“Do you think Israel had a right to attack Gaza?”

We are now losing on 51.1% to 48.9% please vote…. and forward the following voting site to maximum number of your Muslim friends & relatives:

2 Respons to “Vote for PALESTINIAN!!!”

  1. rizz Januari 15, 2009 pada 6:39 am #

    sama2 boikot israelllll

  2. myZone | When Anuar opens to public Januari 15, 2009 pada 7:02 am #

    dah vote. tima kaseh pojie sbb berkongsi…gud2 🙂

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