I’m Say!

2 Nov

I’m Say

Gorgeous. Am I?
Well, there are a few things about myself that I certainly don’t love.
My tummy is my biggest (literally) sore point, but it’s ok what?!
The fact that I practically have no hips to speak of. I felt depressed about it.

Then I thought, ” let’s list down the things that I do like about myself”.

I like my laugh (slow and lil’ weird), my eyes (I think they’re sexy. you?),

my skin (I thank to genetics for this),

and my hair (quite ok).

Thank God!

I instantly felt better and the resulting confidence made me sit up straight, smile and calm down. In turn making me look better.

Obviously, I thought other people should also have a list of their favourite attributes.

The fact that someone can think themselves so unattractive makes them unattractive.

No matter how beautiful you are, if you think you are ugly, YOU ARE! Please don’t give a damn with such a thinking!

So, the confidence to think “I have a tummy, so what? I’ll not let it stop me!”.

I’m gorgeous.

*Kaseh Terciptha*

27/02/2008; 12.18pm

“We fear something before we hate it…”

(Late Cyril Connolly, British Critic/1903-1974)


2 Respons to “I’m Say!”

  1. aLeen aVriL November 2, 2009 pada 1:18 am #

    pojie naper nih??ade owg kutok pojie ker???jaat tul dorg kan..??cm dorg perfect sgt..huh!!..eh tetibe hangin lak..

  2. ||| PöJìé PööH ||| November 2, 2009 pada 6:47 am #

    Hahahah..Xdelah Aleen..Sajer ngorek² nukilan² POjie n teman² masa dulu²..Love this 1 most..Sbb ble baca nih ilang sket down..Hehehe!

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